Fotografen Irina Werning har skapat ett fantastiskt roligt och fint foto projekt med hjälp utav sin
väns chinese crested Chini. Hennes egna ord om projektet:

"Chini is my friend's Chinese Crested dog. She came into my life in London, 2008 when my friends asked me to look after their house and three dogs for a month while on holidays. I had never lived with dogs, I hardly even noticed their presence until one day I took Chini into a friend's studio. I took some pictures of her and the following day, CHINI PROJECT began. For a year, I photographed her inside the little sets I would build for her where she was free to act our little human ways. Her photographic journey takes us into the very heart of the human comedy."

Nedan kan ni se mina favoriter ur projektet:

Hela CHINI PROJECT kan ni se här

Hon har även skapat ett projekt som heter "BACK TO THE FUTURE" som också är helt fantastiskt och finns att se på hemsidan.

Postat av: Emma

Vilka roliga bilder!

2011-02-17 @ 10:39:23

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